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Steel products under this category include H-section flange-Wide Division I, L-section, U-section piles and sheet forming process starts from the casting of billet and bloom, beam blank or to roll. To reduce the size again Before the iron

  • Long Steel Profiles
  • H-Sections
  • Wide-Flange
  • I-Sections
  • L-Sections
  • U-Sections
  • Sheet Pile
  • Hot Rolled Coils
  • Pickled and Oiled Coils
  • Steel Plates
  • Checkered Plates
  • Flat Steel Profiles
  • Flat Bars
  • Square Bars
  • Reinforced Round Bars
  • Reinforced Deformed Bars
  • Hot Rolled Round Bars
  • Cold Drawn Round Bars


Rolled steel, cold-formed metal below the crystallization temperature new. (Usually at room temperature), which enhances the strong strain hardening up to 20% cold rolling processes with the objective of improving the surface finish. And hold tighter tolerances.

  • Cold Rolled Coils
  • Cold Rolled Sheets

group of products called after the cold forming. Forming process of steel slitter machine starts up without heat. The finished product must conform to the manner in which architecture is highly flexible.

  • Carbon Steel Pipes
  • Light Channels
  • Lip Channels
  • Square Pipes
  • Rectangular Pipes

addition to the above products We also have other products, such as expanded metal, wire mesh (square), wire mesh (squares) and fuse wire to meet the diverse needs of all customers.

  • Expanded Metal
  • Wire Mesh (Square)
  • Wire Mesh (Rectangular)
  • Annealing Wire